Over the past century, our society has enabled many individuals to accumulate wealth and live longer but has also created a high degree of complexity in our financial affairs and investment choices.

While estate taxes will change, there are the ongoing concerns of sufficient funds for retirement and long-term health care issues.  These needs are further influenced by our desires to provide the next generation with a financial head start and assist in their financial security.

These are critical and important issues today. If you have not addressed these areas or reviewed them in the past few years, do not postpone or avoid the situation to where the courts and taxing authorities take control what you have succeeded to accumulate and safeguard.

The services we offer in this area are on two primary and equally important areas:

  • Development of a comprehensive plan
  • Implementation and compliance with the plan

Developing the Plan:

  • The revocable living trust
  • Successor trustee(s)
  • Funding for differing family members (re-marriages, etc)
  • Beneficiaries of retirement and IRA plans
  • Gifting and fractional ownership interests to reduce estate taxes
  • Creating Unitrust provisions to provide income but also provide freedom in investment choices
  • Utilization of charitable trusts
  • Life Insurance

 Plan Implementation and Compliance:

  • Preparation of gift and estate tax returns
  • Review and adoption of numerous of tax elections and planning issues regarding the preparation of estate and fiduciary income tax returns
  • Advice and analysis of funding resultant sub-trusts
  • Preparation of annual fiduciary income tax returns
  • Reporting to contingent beneficiaries and probate courts