Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

We emphasize the importance of planning for the eventual tax return so that April 15th is not a surprise. G.T. KELLY & COMPANY ensures that all planning opportunities have been utilized to minimize the tax consequences of financial activities and decisions.

  • Our company offers the ability to prepare and electronically file individual tax returns, including filings required for states other than California
  • We utilize the annual tax interview as an annual financial check-up of personal finances for our clients
  • Services include responding to inquiries from the tax authorities as well as tax audit representation
  • Quick and thorough replies to your questions throughout the year
  • YES, we return phone calls and respond immediately to your emails


Financial Planning

Financial planning encompasses a large universe of concepts and ideas.  We provide assistance in identifying those that are needed and provide you with specific information and actions that will fulfill those needs.  Some of the more important areas are:

  • The most dreaded phrase in all financial planning: THE BUDGET!  We can assist you in developing and maintaining a basic financial plan so that you know where you are going before you get there
  • Investment direction: which investments when and at what risk
  • Retirement: how much is enough?  IRA, 401(k), 403(b) plans
  • Education Funding: Shifting of assets to children to reduce income taxes and provide income and capital for education, 529 Programs